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Join the Revolution!!!

I have the single comic book issues, but I am choosing this TPB edition to be able to make a better overall review about the storyarc.

Creative Team

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis

Illustrators: Chris Bachalo (issues #1 to #4), Frazer Irving (issue #5)


If you are a mutant, in this world, you are guilty until proven innocent.

If you are different, if you are like us, they will send the police, they will send the Avengers...

and they will do everything they can to knock you down and then decide what to do with you.

– I see a man, a uniformed man with his hands around the throat of a new mutant just coming into bloom... I see a man with a gun pointed at the head of a child...

I am NOT going to have my people treated that way!

I’m not going to have it! And shame on you for not seeing that!

– There is a real problem on this planet and every new mutant that pops up shines a real spotlight on it. And if you think for a second that I’m going to back down from helping my people...

– ...I don’t care what flag you wrap yourself in. My people need help and they need it all over the world.

– My fellow mutants... I know you’re out there and I know that you can hear me. No one else is going to do it for us. We have to fight for ourselves.

And if you need help, we will be there to help you. And to our human friends. Our supporters. We feel your love. And we will fight for you too. But to those who would deny us our freedom...

The fight is coming to you. We just took out the Avengers without lifting a finger, how do you think you’ll do?

These are the words of Cyclops, he is the face of the new mutant revolution.

During the battle of the Avengers versus The X-Men where the Phoenix Force possessed several members of the X-Men, tragic things happened… Professor Charles Xavier was killed by a possessed Cyclops... Cyclops is the leader of The Uncanny X-Men, and he won’t do the things peacefully anymore!

Due the Phoenix Force experience, now the mutant powers of Cyclops, Magneto, Emma Frost and Magik are broken. They didn’t lose them, but they are out of control and in some cases they lost their usual levels.

But this power issue won’t stop Cyclops to start his Mutant Revolution!!!

The X-Men is a divided force, while Storm is leading her own team of female mutants, Wolverine has a new school to keep Jean Grey and Professor X’s dreams alive, but Cyclops is making his own team, a strike team to defend mutants by any means necessary and even he is opening a school too!

One of the new students of Cyclops, is Eva Bell, aka Tempus, a 16 years old girl with the power to control time and space, creating time bubbles able to freeze time.
The US government and SHIELD aren’t thrilled about this new mutant revolution and they send a team to arrest Cyclops. That tea mis: The Avengers! The Earth’s Mightiest Heroes! And not a weak team, but its primary response roster: Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Captain Marvel, Spider-Woman, Black Widow and Hawkeye, all of them...

...defeated in a split second!

A 16 years old girl defeated the Avengers with a graceful movement of her hand!


The Avengers are “frozen in time” and not for a few seconds. Oh, no! Even The Uncanny X-Men left the place (by courtesy of teleporting skills of Magik) and the Avengers were left there unable to move a single muscle for several minutes, easily half an hour if not more, and shown in that state through TV to the whole world!

People, if the Avengers didn’t get the chance to do anything...

...what can you do?

Cross the Uncanny X-Men at your own risk!


Scott Summers aka Cyclops was betrayed by Emma Frost and Magneto in the fight involving the Phoenix Force. Now, Scott and Emma haven’t a romantic relationship anymore. And certainly the trust in Magneto has been always a struggling matter.

However, Scott is a clever leader and he knows that not matter his personal issues, Emma Frost and Magneto are by far, the best possible allies for his new mutant revolution, so, he is calling them for his team.

Emma is suffering a lot in the aftermath of her Phoenix Force experience, and now she isn’t able to read minds and even she is projecting some of her thoughts without her control or even knowledge. And while she isn’t having a romantic relationship with Scott anymore, she isn’t taking well any comment about potential love directed to him by any other woman.

Magneto was affected too by the Phoenix Force and now he is only having a faint level of his usual levels of magnetic skills. And he realizes that some organization, very likely with government connections is putting Sentinels, a new generation of them, in action again, and Magneto wants to know who is. So, the solution is simple... he will “sell” Cyclops to SHIELD!

Nothing like one big happy family!


Illyana Nikolaevna Alexandria Rasputin aka Magik is a key member of Cyclops’ new team.

Not only she is able to teleport an entire team with her to any place in the world in a split second (with the only minor issue that they will travel through a demonic dimension during that split second), but also she is a formidable warrior with an impressive absurdly huge sword, so she can be a perfect “point woman” too.

But she was affected too by the Phoenix Force, while at first it isn’t so perceivable, a hellish menace is coming...!


Along with the valuable addition of Eva Bell, aka Tempus (mentioned above), the new school of Cyclops is getting some other new mutants...

Christopher Muse, aka Triage, with the power to heal people.

Benjamin Deeds, still without codename, with chameleon-like abilities.

Fabio Medina, aka Goldball (still pending codename approval by him!), with the power to project gold balls (d’oh!) floating around the place.

And even getting some more experienced students (tranfers from Logan’s school and yes, he must’n be glad about it)...

Warren Worthington III, aka Angel, is the original younger version of him that due a time travel mess, now he is in the “present” along with the other four original members of the X-Men, but Angel is the only one of accepting the Cyclops’ offer to go to his new school.

Celeste, Mindee and Phoebe, aka the Stepford Cuckoos er... Sisters, originally five, now only three, that they are young clones of Emma Frost and they have very powerful psychic powers (and without much morals to restraining them) that they are able to use while they operating as a single hive mind.


You know, it was weird that after the first four comic book issues, to find a change of the illustrator in the fifth issue, specially knowing now that the first TPB was made of only five issues and not six (like it’s kinda the nowadays’ standard in the industry). If they will change the illustrator (or replace him for a while) why not wait a single more issue?

To present this “arc” with only one style of drawing.

Anyway, one more or less issue, and you still will have a cliffhanger in the story.


Still, only for the formidable first three issues, this title certainly kicks butts!

A mutant team with a clear objective… to protect mutantkind (and its allies) from any menace, not matter which or who! And if they have to break laws to accomplish it... well, they will do it!

Join the Mutant Revolution!!!


Read information about the author

Ebook UNCANNY X-MEN VOL. 1: REVOLUTION read Online! A comic book writer and erstwhile artist. He has won critical acclaim (including five Eisner Awards) and is one of the most successful writers working in mainstream comics. For over eight years Bendis’s books have consistently sat in the top five best sellers on the nationwide comic and graphic novel sales charts.

Though he started as a writer and artist of independent noir fiction series, he shot to stardom as a writer of Marvel Comics' superhero books, particularly Ultimate Spider-Man.

Bendis first entered the comic world with the "Jinx" line of crime comics in 1995. This line has spawned the graphic novels Goldfish, Fire, Jinx, Torso (with Marc Andreyko), and Total Sell Out. Bendis is writing the film version of Jinx for Universal Pictures with Oscar-winner Charlize Theron attached to star and produce.

Bendis’s other projects include the Harvey, Eisner, and Eagle Award-nominated Powers (with Michael Avon Oeming) originally from Image Comics, now published by Marvel's new creator-owned imprint Icon Comics, and the Hollywood tell-all Fortune and Glory from Oni Press, both of which received an "A" from Entertainment Weekly.

Bendis is one of the premiere architects of Marvel's "Ultimate" line: comics specifically created for the new generation of comic readers. He has written every issue of Ultimate Spider-Man since its best-selling launch, and has also written for Ultimate Fantastic Four and Ultimate X-Men, as well as every issue of Ultimate Marvel Team-Up, Ultimate Origin and Ultimate Six.

Brian is currently helming a renaissance for Marvel’s AVENGERS franchise by writing both New Avengers and Mighty Avengers along with the successful ‘event’ projects House Of M, Secret War, and this summer’s Secret Invasion.

He has also previously done work on Daredevil, Alias, and The Pulse.



A cozy book that teaches small things, happiness, in detail!


A cozy book that teaches small things, happiness, in detail!


Poignant book.


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